This site has been opened primarily to tell the story of our son, Michael, who died in 2000 after suffering from a brain tumour for a year. But Michael was so much more than that sentence could possibly explain, and so, after his death, I wrote a book about this extraordinary boy and it was read by many people in blog form on the internet.

That site has since closed, and I have moved it, in its complete book format, here, in the hope that it might encourage and support other parents, carers and patients. Although there is no happy ending, there is a lot of joy on the journey, and I hope that, at the end of it, you, the reader, might have come to know Michael a little better and found something helpful and hopeful to take away witrh you.

For those who would prefer not to read about his last few months – stop at the end of part two.  We want you to find as much, or as little, as is helpful to you.

There are also links to the The Brain Tumour Charity  . Michael campaigned ferociously  for better research and support and a possible cure whilst he was alive, and expected us, his family, to continue after his death. We do. We hope you will, too.

Please write and tell us what you think, once you have ‘met’ Michael.

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