So, here we are.

This is the post excerpt.

Apparently, this is a Blog. I’m not sure why I need a blog, except the people who know me say, ‘You should write a book!’ I’m not sure why I should write a book, except that I think a lot about things, and then I want to say something about things, and my spouse’s eyes glaze over and he hopes I’ll go away and tell Facebook or the cat instead. Sometimes I do – but I might just bore you instead.

First blog postSlide151

Meet Michael Norton. I started writing after he died: thats a separate story and you can find it on AN EXTRAORDINARY BOY . He died in 2000, aged 14 of an aggressive brain tumour, and that isn’t something you get over or go around. I wrote about him, and about us, and about brain tumours – you’ll find everything you need at that link. I should know. I’ve been a Trustee of the Charity for 10 years and a lot of my life goes into trying to spread awareness, raise funds and bolster hope.

Cancer has been a big part of my life. Losing Michael was always going to be the worst part – but with a sister who had aggressive breast cancer, a mother with small cell lung cancer and endless grandparents and cousins with various types of the disease, you can imagine my delight to be diagnosed with myeloma, an incurable cancer of the bone marrow, 8 years after Michael died. It is a bit of a surprise to everyone that I’m still here. I guess that, at the time of writing, Michael is enjoying some Celestial peace and quiet and thinks if I arrive too soon, I’ll start nagging at him to do his maths homework and his cello practice. Probably right.

Anyway, life is weird and set to get weirder. Hello and welcome. Buckle up. There’s a strange journey ahead of us.

Author: duettist96

Pianist, pessimist....failing human being......

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